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You quite rightly expect tax advisers to do more than just meet their legal obligations. We live up to your expectations by providing expert tax advice – something we interpret to mean nothing less than providing optimum solutions for your tax-related matters.

Even though tax law is becoming ever more complex, the wide-ranging expert knowledge of our staff keeps abreast of the latest developments. Regular external and internal training events ensure that our expertise is permanently up-to-date.

Our advisory teams are assembled to match the profile of each individual engagement and are headed by one of our professional tax advisers. This allows us to assure individual support for our clients, with an interdisciplinary approach that ensures you receive optimum advice from Florentz und Partner, even in difficult cases.

Tax services portfolio


The benchmark against which audit services must be measured today goes far beyond the statutory audit of annual financial statements. That’s because companies are facing ever greater requirements in terms of financial reporting, transparency and risk management.

Whether you need financial statement audits, reviews, corporate transaction audits, special audits, or other assurance services: we’re there to help you meet your statutory and company law obligations and make your net assets, financial position and results of operations transparent. And the substantial professional expertise of our staff ensures that your financial data is reliable and meaningful.

Audit services portfolio


Complex legal advice and representation require more than just legal knowledge: specialization in certain areas of the law and in-depth knowledge of the relevant industry and business circles are the only way to ensure your interests are looked after optimally.

We will provide you with a personal adviser whose expertise covers different specialist areas and who is dedicated to representing your interests both in and out of court.

Legal services portfolio

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